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The movement of zero-waste dental tablets has caught fire as it is major innovation in the oral care category has been toothpaste tablets. While traditional toothpaste comes in a non-recyclable tube made of plastic and metal, tooth tablets are dry tablets packed in a glass jar, aluminum container or other eco-friendly, sustainable container. When chewed and brushed it on teeth, it become a tooth paste to clean your teeth with foaming same as toothpaste and have many of the same cavity-fighting ingredients.

The Research of Toothpaste Tablets has confirmed that tooth tabs works and are as effective as toothpaste for healthy oral care and for avoiding problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and eventual tooth loss.

The Tooth Tabs products are one of favorite trends of young youth as it is very easy to crush, chew and brush comes with eco-friendly and easy travel pack. Can be made with fluoride or non fluoride. Toothpaste Tablet – Tooth Tabs can be customize with variety of herbal – ayurvedic ingredients, variant of flavor choices, and actives for particular targeted oral issues.

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