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Tooth Tablet are very trendy dental care products getting more and more popular in India as well as globally. One can take these liquid-free, travel toothpaste tablets anywhere and still get the cavity protection you want, all from bite-sized toothpaste bits. It’s recyclable, refillable, vegan and SLS-free toothpaste

This chewable toot tablets with fluoride protect your teeth from cavities; testing completed to show that your teeth are able to absorb it similarly to regular toothpaste in a tube.

People are very excited for toothpaste tablet; as these toothpaste tablets are environment friendly as it doesn’t contains any water or no need water in any process to make tooth tablets still it have the perfect amount of “toothpaste” in one tablet. Even There is no need to use toothpaste plastic tubes, toothpaste tablet can be packed in recyclable paper box or with aluminum tin or glass jar. So this way, this made tooth tabs a perfect eco friendly – nature friendly oral care products.

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If you’re interested to launch your own brand tooth tablet then get in touch with us today!

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Here at HCP Wellness, with the vast experience in oral care manufacturing industry our R&D chemist and team of experts people can help you to formulate / manufacture your own brand tooth tablets or mouth wash tooth tabs by customizing your choice of herbs / ingredients / colors / flavors with fluoride or non-fluoride toothpaste tablet range that helps to clean teeth, remove plaque and freshen breath.

We can also offer tooth tablets in low – minimum order quantities to help you get started. Along with that our graphic / design and packaging team will help you to design – develop your own branded packaging – plastic free toothpaste Tabs – eco friendly packaging like toothpaste tablets in glass jars or aluminum tin packaging under our private label tooth tablet contract manufacturing third party toothpaste tablets.

How to use Toothpaste Tablet – Tooth Tabs:
To use it just wet your toothbrush, bite down and crush one tablet between your teeth, and then brush as normal and rinse; do not swallow.