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Nowadays people are very aware about global warming and pollution that harms the environment. Hence world has started using natural, eco-friendly & recyclable products in their everyday life that will not harms the environment.

The Changes starts from the morning ruotine from the bathroom. Buying a bamboo toothbrush is the first step to a plastic-free bathroom. Step two is about switching to a plastic-free toothpaste tube / Toothpaste Tablets that suits for a plastic-free bathroom standard, consist solely of natural products and are thus entirely free of microplastics are packed in a small glass jar or in a biodegradable pouch.

A significant advantage of plastic-free cosmetics & Tooth Tablets are very new, trendy yet concerns environment friendly and travel friendly thus tooth tabs has taken / replaced a place of toothpaste in many hotel industries – hotel toiletries.


We have a range of pre-formulated toothpaste tablets to choose from or you can work with our team about your specific requirements to develop your own unique toothpaste tablet formulations.


Our packaging team experts will assist you to design, develop and source the exact packaging you visualize for your product and fully personalize it in your own branding.


Weather it is single tooth tablet in a pouch or multiple tooth tabs in pouch or Tooth Tablet in Aluminum Jar or in Glass Jar. We can supply your product in any size you require.

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HCP Wellness manufacture toothpaste tablets with fluoride or fluoride free offers Tooth Tabs that also work with innovative ingredients such as Nano hydroxyapatite, enzymes, probiotics and PAP & Sensitivity Toothpaste Tablets, Herbal Tooth Tabs like Noni Tooth Tablet, Moringa Tooth Tablet, Charcoal Toothpaste Tablet, Miswak Toothpaste Tablets, Ganoderma Tooth Tablet along with innovative flavor combinations in vast variety like: Fresh Mint Teeth Whitening Tooth Tablets, Peppermint & Strawberry Kids Tooth Tablets and blend of natural peppermint, spearmint flavour oils and natural essential oils.

HCP Wellness is leading oral care products and toothpaste manufacturer offers Tooth Tabs – Toothpaste Tablet Manufacturing to their esteemed customers along with R&D Facility from our ultra modern laboratory and with the help of experienced and expert chemist in oral care industry to help to develop extra ordinary products for dental care market in your own brand toothpaste tablet – private label tooth tablet which contain the perfect amount of “toothpaste” for brushing your teeth.

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Let’s get in touch with our team that will assist you to launch your own brand tooth tablet weather its small quantity or bulk!

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