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Being responsible for the society

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility goes beyond our operating boundaries as we continuously aim to add value to our products, partners & organizations.

We seek internal and external perspectives to help us better understand the risks and opportunities associated with economic, environmental and social aspects. We have worked and focused our efforts towards our strategic pillars for sustainable development, energy management, environment, product stewardship, occupational health & safety and social institution building.

Our CSR policies include:

  • To uphold all applicable statues and regulations through our products and services
  • To work towards safe and optimal resource use over the life-cycle of our products and services, including recycling of resources wherever possible
  • To work towards sourcing significant raw materials, products and services in a manner so as to continuously improve the balance between social, economic and environmental impacts
  • To raise the awareness on responsible disposal of products and packaging
  • To work towards ensuring that all goods are procured, manufactured and delivered through a system embedding its policies in terms of labour practices, human rights, ethics, occupational health, safety and environment.
  • To progressively factor in relevant social and environmental considerations during the process of development of products
  • To recognise and respect the rights of people who may be owners of traditional knowledge, and other forms of intellectual property, wherever relevant
Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Our endeavour has always been to create a culture where Health, Environment and Safety achieve the greenest and safest operation standards.

At HCP Wellness, we make safety and health a priority in the workplace with acute focus on improved operational discipline and evolved safety measures for optimum results all year round. All our manufacturing divisions are integrated with the highest Quality Management and Occupational Health & Safety Management systems.

Social Care & Concern

HCP Wellness’ commitment to society and its surroundings are part of our core values. We believe that every human being has a fundamental right to good health, education, a clean environment and freedom from poverty.

Through our several community initiatives, which include programs aimed at ensuring better health, education, sustainable development and economic empowerment. Our social philosophy is very simple; by investing in the community, we are investing in our business.

Social Care & Concern
Contribution to Culture

Contribution to Culture

We, at HCP Wellness, have completely incorporated the concept of sustainability into the core of our business by encompassing our aspirations and responsibilities towards the society and environment.

We aspire to build an organization that will continue to increase value for all our stakeholders for generations to come through intensive focus on Conservation of Energy, Technology Absorption and adherence to Safety and Environment standards.

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