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Nutraceutical Manufacturers

HCP Wellness is a leading Nutraceutical Manufacturers in India that offers a wide range of herbal products, tablets, green tea extract, omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, capsules, drops, syrups, dietary supplements, food supplements, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals. We are a proud manufacturer of top-quality nutraceuticals, food supplements, herbal & ayurvedic formulations, and veterinary feed supplements. Our facility has been approved by US-NSF, which means that we meet the highest international regulatory standards.

Nutraceutical products have stepped in to bridge this nutritional gap, with a wide range of offerings including magnesium, iron, multivitamins, minerals, calcium, and various other vital nutrients. Recognizing the surging interest in nutraceutical products, many pharmaceutical companies have ventured into this domain, offering top-notch nutraceutical manufacturing services in India.

With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, HCP Wellness is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services that exceed expectations. Whether you’re looking for private-label nutraceuticals or contract manufacturing services for personal care and cosmetic products, HCP Wellness is your final destination for all your pharma manufacturing needs.

Third Party Manufacturing Nutraceuticals

HCP Wellness extends its expertise through Nutraceuticals Third Party Manufacturers in India, for all kinds of premium quality drug ranges including Tablets, Capsules, Softgel Capsules, Syrups, Granules, and more. Our reach extends far beyond Indian borders, as we serve clients not only in India but also in countries such as the USA, Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and more. Because of our affordable and best quality nutraceutical products manufacturer services are counted as the leading Top Nutraceutical Company in India.

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