Medicinal capsules for overall health benefits

HCP Wellness is one of the most trusted, acclaimed, and best Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers in India and herbal supplement manufacturers in Gujarat, India. We are into manufacturing of Single Herbs Capsules, Multi Herb Capsules, and many more disease targeted herbal ayurvedic formulation capsule by using purity and efficacy level of the herbs.

Each herb has tremendous medicinal properties which help strengthen the immune system while relieving many health issues, have anti-inflammatory properties, blood sugar, and cholesterol level, have beneficial effects in skin, hair and joint care, weight management, diabetes and other respiratory problems. The ample health issues like mental stress, vitality, hormonal imbalance etc. will surely receive their remedies in the herbal powders.

Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers in India

Our Capsule Range includes:

  • Garlic capsule
  • Amla capsule
  • Arjuna capsule
  • Ashwagandh capsule
  • Brahm capsule
  • Breastfeeding capsule
  • Guggul capsule
  • Haridra capsule
  • Jatamansi capsule
  • Kapikachhu capsule
  • Karela capsule
  • Manjishtha capsule
  • Neem capsule
  • Shatavari capsule
  • Shilajeet capsule
  • Spirulina capsule
  • Yashtimadhu capsule
  • Jamun capsule
  • Fenugreek capsule
  • Shilajit capsule
  • Shatavri capsule
  • Gokshura capsule
  • Guduchi capsule
  • Lasuna capsule
  • Shallaki capsule
  • Sunthi capsule
  • Triphala capsule
  • Trikatu capsule
  • Tulasi capsule
  • Yasthimadhu capsule
  • Trifala capsule
  • Spriluna capsule
  • Noni capsule
  • Guggal capsule
  • Haritika capsule
  • Vrikshmala capsule
  • Chlorophyll capsule

HCP Wellness is a private label manufacturer of herbal supplements based on multi-herb or single herb products. We also develop custom formulations in Private label capsules and tablets products.