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Tooth mousse is a dental product that made of foamy creamy material also known as a tooth foam, and available in a variety like teeth whitening mousse, tooth mousse for toddlers / tooth mousse baby, tooth mousse dry mouth / tooth mousse gingivitis / of flavors and with or without tooth mousse fluoride concentration options.

However, what is gc tooth mousse uses?
Tooth mousse is not mousse toothpaste but is designed to support the strength of teeth. You may not have heard of tooth mouss, but it has recently come under the spotlight because of its capabilities. Some have called it ‘the magical tooth mousse paste’ in the past.

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What Does Tooth Mousse Gel Do?
Tooth Mousse is a water-based, sugar-free topical cream that contains Recaladent, a milk protein derived from casein. Tooth Mousse repairs and strengthens enamel and dentine in the form of remineralization by delivering supplying calcium and phosphate to the tooth structure.

When strengthening enamel prevents tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when dental plaque, which contains harmful bacteria, penetrates and around your teeth and gums. This eventually leads to an acid attack forming because your enamel weakens. Tooth mousse plus helps to neutralize the acidic environment and reduce the bacteria in the mouth. It is also useful to repair any early signs of tooth decay.

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Tooth Mousse Benefits / What Are The Benefits of Tooth Mousse
Tooth Mousse will helps to Relieve Teeth Sensitivity, Protect Teeth from Dental Decay, Buffer dental plaque acid from bacteria in the mouth (help neutralize an acidic environment), Protect teeth from acidic food and drinks, Repair tooth damage in the early stages of decay, Prevent Tooth Erosion, Dry Mouth, Remineralization.

Reducing Tooth Sensitivity : In cases where excessive sensitivity to cold liquids occurs, or there is evidence of gum recession.

Reducing Treatment Sensitivity : It can be used to minimize sensitivity following teeth whitening operations.

Minimize Decay : It can help minimise tooth decay around dental brackets, which is beneficial for people undergoing orthodontic treatment (wearing braces).

Remineralization : Give your teeth another line of defense against decay. Tooth Mousse soaks inside the tooth to help remineralizer it by delivering more calcium and phosphate, while fluoride helps to preserve the outside of the tooth to make it robust.

Tooth Mousse Help With Dry Mouth: A dry mouth can also be treated with Tooth Mousse. Because you don’t have enough saliva to buffer your teeth’ enamel against acids if you have a dry mouth, Tooth Mousse efficacy can help protect your teeth from decay. However, because the Tooth Mousse is rather thick, spreading it about in your mouth with a little water will make it more effective. Whilst Tooth Mousse can be used, drinking more water will also help increase your salivary glands to build excess water in the mouth.

Tooth Mousse How to Use – How to apply Tooth Mousse Directions?
Tooth mousse application is very easy and user friendly, After brushing and flossing your teeth, it is recommended that you apply Tooth Mousse at night. Smear a small pea-sized amount onto your teeth with a clean finger, a cotton bud, or your toothbrush.

Tooth Mousse Age Limit : any age of person / people can use tooth mousse depending upon their claims, results and effectivesness, depending upon their age criteria and claim mentioned on particular products available at offline store or tooth mousse buy online from tooth mousse amazon or tooth mousse flipkart.

Tooth Mousse Alternative: Tooth Mousse isn’t the same as toothpaste.

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