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Syrup/Oral Liquid

Improve your health with our herbal syrup

HCP Wellness Liquid Syrup Manufacturers Of Liquid Orals using naturally occurring Ayurvedic ingredients. Every syrup has been carefully processed to offer you an immune-boosting and health improving formulation.

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, HCP Wellness stands tall as a prominent Pharma Syrup Manufacturers in India, offering an impressive array of high-quality liquid pharmaceuticals. Our diverse product range encompasses an assortment of healthcare solutions, including cough syrups, herbal/ayurvedic tonics, pediatric drops, antibiotics, multivitamins/minerals, anticold syrups, anti-inflammatory formulations, dry syrups, oral suspensions, and potent painkillers, among others.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools, empowers us to undertake bulk production with remarkable efficiency. The extensive range of premium products we offer, coupled with our cost-effective services, has firmly established us as the preeminent Ayurvedic Syrups Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

As a WHO-GMP certified third-party manufacturer, we offer not only the assurance of quality but also the advantage of cost-effective and timely production. Whether you require large-scale production or specialized formulations, our expertise and capabilities are geared toward delivering pharmaceutical solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Syrup/Oral Liquid Range includes:

  • Garlic syrup
  • Amla syrup
  • Arjuna syrup
  • Ashwagandh syrup
  • Brahm syrup
  • Breastfeeding syrup
  • Guggul syrup
  • Haridra syrup
  • Jatamansi syrup
  • Kapikachhu syrup
  • Karela syrup
  • Manjishtha syrup
  • Neem syrup
  • Shatavari syrup
  • Shilajeet syrup
  • Spirulina syrup
  • Yashtimadhu syrup
  • Jamun syrup
  • Fenugreek syrup
  • Shilajit syrup
  • Shatavri syrup
  • Gokshura syrup
  • Guduchi syrup
  • Lasuna syrup
  • Shallaki syrup
  • Sunthi syrup
  • Triphala syrup
  • Trikatu syrup
  • Tulasi syrup
  • Yasthimadhu syrup
  • Trifala syrup
  • Spriluna syrup
  • Noni syrup
  • Guggal syrup
  • Haritika syrup
  • Vrikshmala syrup
  • Chlorophyll syrup

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