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Sensitivity Tooth is the condition of a short, sharp pain experienced at the time of consuming hot or cold water / food / beverages. The Outer layer of our tooth is enamel, covering the crown of tooth, the cementum covers the root of the tooth and dentine is the inner layer. Tooth sensitivity is caused when the tooth enamel wears away and the dentine is exposed. There are several ways in which tooth enamel can wear away, thereby exposing the dentine, leaving the tooth prone to sensitivity.

HCP Wellness is leading oral care products manufacturer in india, that includes Toothpaste, Mouthwashes, Tooth tablet, Tooth Powder – Teeth Powder / Dant Manjan. We are exporter of and high-quality Toothpaste for many of popular brands that is known for its best quality globally made with the goodness of Ayurveda and herbs.


We are leading sensitive toothpaste manufacturer considered as a medicated toothpaste for sensitivity that enables total care by preventive dentistry essentials: aiding fluoride retention, reducing bacterial growth and removing plaque, while helping achieve shining white teeth!

Our Manufactured Sensitive Care Toothpaste boasting a proprietary high-adhesion fluoride enamel care formula that helps maintain strong & shiny white teeth, helps soothe inflamed gums, Helps remove stains – removes accumulated yellowness for bright white teeth, Works as a anti-cavity toothpaste and helps to prevent cavities, treats gum disease-causing germs, helps prevent periodontitis and keep teeth & gums healthy, and gingival bleeding, helps prevent stinging pain due to hypersensitivity due to receding gums.

This Triple action toothpaste fight bad breath and other odor sources generated by gum disease-causing bacteria, leaves teeth feeling clean: Cleaning powder effectively removes plaque and leaves the mouth with long-lasting fresh breath.

Sensitivity Toothpaste Manufacturer

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This advanced total care sensitivity toothpaste gently revitalizes weakened gums, penetrates gum disease-causing plaque in the gingival sulcus to thoroughly disinfect, creating an anti-bacterial barrier and anti-inflammatory effect to help prevent gum disease, helps protect collagen in the gums, repair tissue.

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