Neem Toothpaste Manufacturer & Exporters

helps to fight tooth decay, removes dental plaque, tightens gums

Toothpaste with the goodness of Neem and potent oral care herbs are an ideal toothpaste formulation that protects against plaque, dental caries and tooth decay. Regular use of neem toothpaste prevents bad breath (halitosis), gingivitis (bleeding gums and inflamed gums), dental sensitivity, plaque, cavities and pyorrhea.

Neem Herbs is 100% safe, effective, time-tested and scientifically proven natural herbal ingredients that efficiently maintains dental hygiene, heals oral ulcers, strengthens the gums, whitening & brightens the teeth, and endows clean and fresh breath. This unique formulation, combined with mint, ensures a clean mouth-feel and fresh breath all day.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is widely acknowledged as a natural anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory agent with soothing and healing properties, which are extremely therapeutic for oral health and hygiene.

Neem Toothpaste Manufacturers

As a reliable toothpaste manufacturer in India, We offer the best quality of Herbal Neem Toothpaste under your brand name – private label neem toothpaste as a contract manufacturer of toothpaste made with natural extract of neem, the offered neem toothpaste is safe to consume and is free from side effects.