Mint Toothpaste

Manufacturer - Private Label - Contract Manufacturing

Almost everyone of us are aware that mint is known for its cooling and refreshing properties. Mint extracts ensure that you get a soothing & cooling sensation. Natural Mint toothpaste will freshen up your mouth in no time to make you feel fresh every morning and night.

We are most trusted toothpaste manufacturer in India, offers Private Label Mint Toothpaste which is a refreshing, creamy toothpaste with a strong mint flavor that protects teeth while freshening breath.

Our NPD Team (New Product Development) & R&D chemists Team works closely with third party toothpaste manufacturing projects to ensure client will get best product quality. Your new product will be made exactly to your specifications using the same level of quality, care, and technology that we use to design our own Natural Mint Toothpaste products.

This Fresh mint fluoride toothpaste has a mint flavor that keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean, contains fluoride that strengthens teeth and prevents tooth decay, Proven to provide all the benefits of a regular toothpaste.

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