HCP Wellness is well known to cosmetic manufacturer with various Skin Care and Skin Protection Formulations under Third Party Manufacturing or Contract Manufacturing or Custom Manufacturing basis. We are manufacturing extensive range of various Skin Care & Skin Protection Cosmetics Products as per the custom requirements of our valued clients.

The team HCP Wellness has attained an edge in the development and manufacturing of various kind of Skin Care and Cosmetics Products. We help and support our clients to develop their custom skin care products like moisturizers, skin whitening and lightening products, anti-ageing & anti-acne products, complexion and peel off masks and in some case multipurpose or all-in-one type products. At the same time, we also well explored the skin protection cosmetic formula regime like sunscreen product, lip guards, foot & hand protection products, deodorants & antiperspirant products. For most of the products HCP Wellness has developed the skin care product formula or skin protection product formula to best suit our client’s requirements, we call it third-party skin care product manufacturing or third-party skin protection product manufacturing. The same is often known as custom skin care manufacturing. While for some other products we followed the skin care formulas that our client has developed, and we successfully translated them into the skin care products they desired, we call it contract manufacturing of skin care products.