We are looking for Creative SEO Content Writers who have an eye for details, are flexible in thinking and go beyond the standard writing scenarios to join our in-house team to enrich our website and social media platforms with well-framed text presentation.

✔ Develop highly effective original and SEO targeted content for Website
✔ Create and optimize on-site content for maximum visibility and ranking in the major search engines.
✔ Working under timelines and a goal-based approach
✔ Must have ability to research industry-related Topics, Trends, Keywords, and incorporate that into the content.
✔ Audit, editing, proofreading, and improving existing web content
✔ Reviewing old content published on the site, as well as adding fresh insights to make any content fit for presentation
✔ Must ensure that all published content meets a high standard of quality, is relevant, and is deemed useful for the readers & SEO
✔ Identify customers’ needs and gaps in our content and recommend new topics.
✔ Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images, and tone).

Required Skills
✔ Having strong storytelling skills.
✔ Solid English grammar skills.
✔ Well-equipped with at least one editing tool.
✔ Able to execute projects and do the analysis independently.
✔ Someone with an explorer’s mindset who can empathise with the readers and customers.
✔ Professional experience is a plus.

Let us know about any internship or freelancing work you might have taken in the past.

Academics: Any graduation.

“Created Content Should not copy from any of other website, blog or social media.”