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R&D Formulation Chemist Personal Care Cosmetic

Bavla Ahmedabad
Posted 2 months ago

Formulation Chemist Responsibilities:
New Product Development
Developing formulations of Personal Care, Skin Care, Oral Care and Color Cosmetics products.
Formulate raw materials including powder, liquid and gel products to meet ingredient standards and deadlines.
Follow industry standards on scientific significance, accuracy, safety and record keeping.
Optimize formulated ingredients to meet cost objectives and to manage availability of raw materials.
Follow the latest technologies in encapsulation, particle electrical charge control and dispersion mechanisms.
Execute project commitments and pursue contingency plans.
Knowledge of stability testing and record result.
Test substances for composition, properties, structures and reactions.
Prepare research proposals including analytical, technical and financial data for developing and testing new or improved products.
Identify testing abnormalities and execute corrective actions.
Review competitive products and trade publications and prepare reports on comparative tests, raw material information, and educational scopes.
Manage daily laboratory operations and schedules.
Monitor equipment operations and maintain cleanliness in the laboratory.
Plan, execute and monitor laboratory research programs and technologies.
Train and supervise scientific staffs.

Formulation Chemist Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or equivalent science.
7 years in Personal Care product formulation.
Knowledge of industry trends latest & updated.
Motivated and works well in teams and independently.
Requires strong communication skills.
Must be able to collaborate with groups to help address product / formula issues.
Able to work on project independently and take extra step to get the job done.
Able to handle different types of product formulation.
Able to work with short timelines, manage multiple projects with competing dates.
Able to identify safe & effective ingredients for use.
Flexible to develop new products & to think out of the box