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Floor Supervisor – Packing Supervisor

Bavla Ahmedabad
Posted 2 months ago

We are looking for Floor Packaging Supervisor for our company, who can devote their time and stabilize to achieve the planned work as targeted on daily and monthly basis.

Job description:
✔ Have to work in planned work on daily basis & to keep all records updated in system.
✔ To ensure the line clearance of packing before starting the packing of new batch in coordination with In Process Quality Assurance team.
✔ To ensure the issue of material of the batch and taking the clearance from the In Process Quality Assurance team, prior to schedule of respective product packing.
✔ Have to keep all packing records have to be updated on line through.
✔ To provide the data to transfer the packed goods to the finished goods store in coordination with concerned team member.
✔ To ensure the timely packing of unpacked goods from the Quarantine area.
✔ To assist the packing on line at frequent intervals as defined in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
✔ To ensure the availability of packing material with proper labels and status by coordinating with PM Store personnel.
✔ To do the reconciliation after completion of batch and submitting the data of the same.
✔ To keep the samples of each packing batch as per Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirement.
✔ To destroy the rejection generated during packing in presence of In Process Quality Assurance Team.
✔ To keep the status tags displayed properly so that the status of each material issued and packed is maintained as per the regulatory requirement and Standard Operating Procedure.
✔ To set and arrange the trained worker force according to norms to get the highest productivity and quality packing.
✔ To ensure the GMP norms are followed and maintained all throughout the packing.

Working experience in Excel and ERP is preferred.
✔ Experience in packing of cosmetics / pharma experience is preferable
✔ Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills
✔ Strong verbal and written communication skills
✔ Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Any Bachelor’s degree with relevant experience (Required).

✔ Male Candidate most preferable.

Languages to be known:
English, Hindi and Gujarati